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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The End

That was the last post coming from jassim and loraaa ,, I have to admit when writing this story I had two people in my mind and I have to admit this is what I wish has happened , the accidents that happened to this couple did happen to someone , but not that girl to be precise ,, what im trying to say , is that she lost her will to love forever cz she had a hamad in her life and he tore her heart apart and she has a raheeb but hes wrong families .. don’t give up on love , u never know if you’re the lucky one that comes out of it alive.. she came out of it alive but with a broken  heart w 5a6ir maksoor , i5thooha mini 5alha 3la allah w ymkin allah ysahelhaaa.,, if your in love and your reading this I honestly hope your blessed with happiness and you get your fairytale ending .  her raheeb wil always be her raheeb.., the guy that sends happiness to her soul while hamad was her first love ever… the path of love is harsh and dry , I chose to end this cz it represents and end to me , im starting a new life hopefully someday il find my raheeb that fits my family name. don’t give up readers there is that someone I do believe that honestly , I met mine but I lost him so don’t lose yours no matter what .. if any guys read this . fight for your girl the way jassim did . you don’t know how much a girl can endure in silence so becareful not to cuase anymore pain sorry itha ga9art b7agkum ya jma3a .. 

Enjoy the summer and wait for  my new story soon:) 

Ch 62

The Week Has PaSSED


lora woke up realizing its her wedding day , its her day . she quickly changed and headed out to the hotel to meet the girls .

Girls Room:
L: im scared I don’t think I can do this anymore
R: ok darling calm down
Mimi: istahday bilah
L: wow ba6nee gam y3awrnee
R: its nerves don’t worry
M: calm down

Lora was getting ready and so were the girls ,, time to get her wedding dress on so R and mimi both were helping ..

R: darling (tears in her eyes ) you look amazing , an angel mashla
Mimi: a vision in whiteee ( tabchee)
L: don’t cry crap im crying
R: la don’t I warn you
Mimi: makeup becareful

Loras mum called R to tell her that’s it was time the bride walked the aisle…

Loras dress was vera wang it was tight on top then a fishtail design for the side and the back , it was a cocktail dress and she had somewhat of a veil on but it was attactched so delicately to her hair with diamonds it resembled something greecian her hair was a low bun , and her makeup was simple since she didn’t want to look like w ghost..

L: ok I cant do this magdar
R: im calling jassim

R hand the phone to Lora
J: a7bich
L: magdar anzil jassim I cant do this
J: sm3eeeni its your wedding lazim il kil yshoofich 3aroosa
L: a5af
J: 7abeebti it wont take long , everyone ilyowm by7sedni 3laych wareehum laish
L: I love you . ok so I can do this
J: that’s my girl , il see you in a bit

Lora went downstairs and the doors were opening . Renad was her flower girl so Renad walked down the aisle before her..

As she approached the door , she saw her sisters tears and her mums face and her aunts , her nanny was crying too , everyone waited for this day…

The music started playing and lora was walkingggg to it. She couldn’t listen to the words she was looking at everyones faces , everyone was smiling at her . she had tears in her eyes but she didn’t want to cry …

She got to the kowshaaa it was white with flowers all placed elegantly.
R and mimi helped her.,

Everyone baraklaha , half hour passed then they announced il m3ris is coming..
L: R how do I look
R: breath taking don’t worry
MMimi: laish 5ayfaa jassim will be surprised
L: ufffff im scared..

The zafa started and she sees jassim in his bisht , yama both brothers , she saw that and teared up , talal was behind him w Khalid and m7amad and loras cuzins with jassims cuzins too.. The moment she saw jassim she relaxed a bit , he was smiling at her , talal was smiling too..

They reached the kowsha , jassim kissed lora and he stood while the guys ysalmoon  , talal il wa7eed from the guys ily salam 3layha ,,, . they all took pictures , all the guys left except talal , Khalid and m7amad 6ab3an loras brothers were their too .

The most amazing thing happened next , the dude announced that thers a surprise min il m3ris layl il 3aroos , lora looked at him and he has that cute cheeky smile on his face, talal and Khalid and m7aamd were smiling too , she was shocked at who walked through the doorrr

“ raheeeb wala raheeeb , jma3ti kil il ma7asin ya lora” majeed was walking towards the kowsha to them , the 3 boys started smiling at jassim and everyone was shocked including R and mimi , ma7ad twa8a3 this. Loras face was priceless , it was tearfull she couldn’t imagine the effort ily sawa jassim for her , he leaned and whispered
“ sam7eee raheebich 5ala9”
L: your forgiven I can believe hes here”

J: I have another one too ;p

The 3 guys were smiling they couldn’t wait for the other surprise..

Majeed “ a7la 3aroos w m3ris ,7ab agoolik ya jassim ma7’66ooo’6 5athayt zaynat il banat w a7lahum ya 3al hal ma7aba tdoom w ya lora 7e6ee b3yoonik cz how w3dik b shay 9a7 w ma nsaha w byowfee ilyowm moh galik how “ ma ya5thnee ila il mowt”

Lora was confused , the doors opened and fahad al kubaisi entered singing that song . the crowd claps , lora ma 9adigat , talal mask fahad al kubaisi w wagaf m3aaa w fahad was singing and smiling at the happy couple .. Khalid glanced at R in the meantime and M7amad didn’t stop staring at Mimi….after fahad entered the 3 boys left .

Fahad al kubaisi “ ha majeed ma3 b3a’6” they both sang two more songs and then it was time for il couple to leave bas it was one heck of an exit being escorted out with majeed and faahad al kubaisi.

They went out .. and the 3 boys were baraa . talal gave her a huge hug the moment he saw her , his eyes were tearful cz he realized that in the past he saw her as his.. he whispered” lucky jassim w a7la 3aroosa bil dinya mafee a7ad mithlich”

They went to cut the cake , R , mimi , loras sister all joined..

A slow song started playing
T: jassim tsma7leee;p b hal rag9aa
J: bada3t btnshbnee b 3rsi
T: kayfik

Talal grabbed lora to dance , he was the cutest thing alive in his dishdasha  . jassim interrupted the dance

J: finally il dinya kilha tsh’had inich li
L: I honestly have no words to say
J: as long as im forgiven
L: r u kidding , I love you for putting so much effort jassim . thank u
J: a7bich wala
L: me 2


J: tara bnsafer b3ad sa3tayn
L: wayn im not packed
J: your mum  w sister packed
L: wayn
J: think b ur ask lama ktbowlich wayn honeymoon shrdaytay;p
L: omg we’re going on a safari
J: yupJ I don’t understand ur love for wild animals bas bnroo7 w allay aster
L: I loveeeeee uuuu thankkkkk u
J: bas b3dayn fee another destination;p
L: wayn;p
J: you can find out in the next 4 days
L: South Africa her we come
J: ashoofich ana chithee tswa 3ndi il dinya kilha

She realized at that moment that she was right not to give jassim up no matter what  …he was her hubby

Ch 61

One week has passes which leaves us one week from the wedding :D J

So lora w her friends are done with uni and their summer has officailay started , loras nerves are getting  the best of her , she was scared but she didn’t want to tell jassim , jassim on the opposite side was happy he couldnt wait for it… he had so many surprises for her…

J: “ one week and then your all mine”
L: :$
J: I cant wait
L: adree feek;p
J: honeymoon ra7 ykoon 3ajeeb
L: so were r we going
J: im not telling you
L: my clothes
J: your covered don’t worry bas brace yourself for an adventure
L: this is when I worry;p
J: abee ashoofichL
L: nopeJ
J: laishL
L: cz may9eer since bagee only one week mabee ashoofik 3shan t7is fee farg on the wedding day
J: plz
L: no:$
J: az3al ya3neee
L: moh b2eydi
J: ok
L: :*
J: abeeha bil 9ij
L: this is when the conversation ends;p

Jassim al flanee tweeted 1 mins ago
“ one week and hopefully all what I did will be forgiven , it’s the day you whitness my love and me trying to prove it ,,, all what I want is forgivness”

Talal al flanee mentions jassim al flanee
@jassim alflanee “ masmoo7 yal 3a’6eed , int 6labt il smoo7a w hiy jayitek , masmoo7 ya bo jwayes”

Khalid al flanee mentions jassim al flanee
@jassim alflanee “ ya7lamooon ily feek yfakrooon y abo jwayes;p masmoo777777;p”

M7amad al flanee mentions jassim al flanee
“ @jassimalflaneee” masmoo7 yali t3athar;p”

lora was very confused whats up with the guys what are they planning to do , whenever the guys plan anything she knows its huge .

Lora al flaneee tweets
“ one week , nerves kicking in”

Jassim al flanee mentions talal al fanee. Khalid al flanee. M7amad al flanee

“@talalalflanee@khalidalflanee@m7amadalflanee: na6r ana tngaleee “ masmooo7 ya jassim masmoo7:P , il salfa m6awllaaa ya jma3aa il ‘6a7er 9a7bkum byg3ad 6ool 3mraa yan6ir”

now lora was super confused , but she realized she never told jassim that’s hes forgiven for everything , is jassim still worried , I guess her last tweet made him suffer even more , he was terrified she was going to leave him..

jassim and lora were both scared of whats ahead but both were ready to move on and start together cz they got it the hard way , they cant live without each other…

Ch 60

Jassim wakes up and talal is up , bagee lora bas

T: roo7 ga3dhaa
J: tsma7leeee
T: roo7 roo7;p

Jassim goes upstairs and opens the room to see her sleeping , ma hanta 3lay yga3dha she looked so peaceful , he went closer to her and he leaned to kiss her
J: lora 7abeebti wakey wakey
L: jassim (shocked to see him , she was sleepy allah il 3alam shlon shakilha , shlon shaf’ha chitheeeee , fashlllaaa)
J: shfeech i5tra3tay
L: why didn’t u knock the door
J: gelt aga3dich ana ;p
Lora covers her face with the cover

L: i6la3 5an agoom
J: yala gumay
L: lama you leave
J: gumaaay
L: no
J: akeed
L: eeh

Jassim pulls of the covers and starts tickling her , she starts screaming cz shes so ticklish ,

L: jassssimmmm basssssss ,,,, ayyyyy jassssiiim
J: tstahlayn moh ma tabeen ashoofich kah sheftich yal dala3 bas
L: 5alaaaaaaa9999 hedniii
J: ok bas t3abt w ana shaylich
L: 7maaaaaarrr
J: ba6a ba6aa wala
L: fine im not talking to u
J: amoot w a3arif shlon t9adgeen lama agool ba6a , ur so skinny a9lan yabeela 5dood again
L: waaaaaaaay i6laaa3
J: your maid w driver ta7at ba5aleeha tyeeblich ur stuff fowg
L: ok

Within 30 minutes lora got dressed and went downstairs to find both jassim and talal eating .

L: talal latakil
T: shtabeen feeeni
L: may9eer
T: bas yo3an
L: bas drink 7up w youghurt ikil
T: n3am shino rowb tabeen akil lat7rjeeeniii
J: 5aleee intay shaku feeh il walad m3dita fa’6ya
L: bas moh zayn
T: shasaweee yo3an
L: ikil shwaya inzayn
T: inshallla
L: bil 3afya both of you im heading back home
J: al7eeen
L: yup I have work to do
J: mithl
L: homework
J: taw il nas
L: ana abee aroo7 ( giving him a dirty look cz she was pssd at his comment)
J: abeech bas ta7lifeen inich z3ltay
L: bye talal w matshoof shar yal ‘3aly ( she kissed talal on his head w left)

Boys Side:

T: laish z3alt;ha
J: nsayt ana salfat body self image crap
T: la 7owwwlll 3ad t3al fahim il banat intay moh mteena w intay reesha
J: shasawee al7een I feel guilty 59ooo9an adree ina ihya cz she got sick she lost the weight
T: allah yhadak bas
J: 5ala9 lgayt’haaa
T: shino
J: tshoof

Lora got home , took a shower and started working on her assignments when their door bell rang.

5 minutes later the nanny walks in

“ Mr jassim send this to you”

lora leaned and it was a cake on the shape of jassims pullover that she loved and it said

“ your mine now and forever , I love you my one and only”_Raheeb

she laughed and took a picture of it and bbmed to R and Mimi

Mimi; cutiieeeeeee 7ada
R: that’s effort
L: that’s the sweater I love
R: allah ytamem
Mimi: did u thank him
L: no badig now

Lora calls jassim

L: thaaaankkkkkk u jasssim
J: im sorry
L: its fine 7amdilla im marrying a guy yfham
J: afa 3laych
L: a7ib ina ktabt 3layha “ raheeb”
J: moh hatha ismi
L: eeh:$
J: theres a story after naming me raheeb ;p w I wana hear it
L: al7een
J: eeh abee afham sm3naa cz gabl la tahdeeni the song mara sma3t Mimi tgoolich “ lora raheebich warach”
L: fashlaaaa
J: yala goolay
L: remember election day
J: min ynsa
L: lama kint la7gnee baytna , I opened the radio w kanat “ raheeb wala raheeb “ was playing fa 7ashnee hatha raheeebi
J: 3ashaw
L: it’s a cute story;p
J: kilish moh hayna lora bas wow the amount of denial ily kintay fee
L: shlon
J: a55 t’eli w 9ad
L: b3ad lazim im a girl
J: you’re my girl w bas
L: aww w inta my raheeb ;p
J: kamlay ur hw ;p think in two weeks this time , i7na honeymoon
L: 9ij
J: a7la shay 9owtich t’3ayar. Your still not sure about me r u?
L: shaku im just nervous of the wedding day itself , moh 5ayfa min 7ayati m3ak cz we saw a lot together were gna be fine
J: then shfee il wedding day
L: fee ina bamshee jidam 400 people a5af a6ee7
J: latfakreen feeha
L: I love you , you made my day
J: w allah ygadrnee ina I make it everyday..